WINNERS hockey agency

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WINNERS hockey agency is a dynamic company competent in everything that relates to professional hockey. We provide world level services for highly qualified training of hockey players. If you don’t imagine your life without real hockey, you are an experienced or a beginner player and want to make a successful career taking a favourite sport, our hockey agency is just what you need!

Having addressed to us, you will obtain a lot of undeniable advantages the main of which will be as follows:

  • unique experience of our agents working exceptionally for you and battling only for your interests;
  • rendering the wide range of services including professional legal support to hockey players, providing by Legal Axiom CJSC, center of legal support of business;
  • professional development guarantee for our clients;
  • competence in competitive sports management.

Our vast life experience, affinity for hockey and ability to quickly orientate ourselves in the sphere of sport business will make of you a sought-after and expensive professional.

WINNERS hockey agency invites players and trainers for mutually beneficial cooperation.

Sergei Alexeyev
Artyom Alyayev
Ilya Arkalov
Vitali Atyushov
Yegor Babenko
Georgi Belousov
Georgi Berdyukov
Nikita Bespalov
Rafael Bikmullin
Timur Bilyalov
Igor Bobkov
Artyom Borodkin
Ivan Bocharov
Stanislav Bocharov
Vladimir Bryukvin
Alexander Burmistrov
Alexei Byvaltsev
Rinat Valiyev
Ivan Vishnevsky
Artyom Voronin