WINNERS hockey agency is a dynamic company competent in everything that relates to professional hockey. We provide world level services for highly qualified training of hockey players. If you don’t imagine your life without real hockey, you are an experienced or a beginner player and want to make a successful career taking a favourite sport, our hockey agency is just what you need!

Our agents have experience in the agency field for over 20 years.

Hokey agent combines the duties of a top manager, sale manager and personnel administrator who is puzzled by the fact that the player turns his focus on game and workout sessions. Whereby the agent takes upon himself conduct of employment negotiations, entering profitable contracts that consider all financial finer points and possibilities of professional career development.

The main goal of WINNERS hockey  agency  is professional and personal development every player we keep terms with.

WINNERS CONSULTING render consulting services in:

· practical arrangements (weddings, birthdays etc.)
· real property purchase
· company selection for construction and repair
· civil, family, revenue, financial, criminal, administrative laws assistance
· the best hotels reservation, plane tickets buying, visa processing, exclusive tours organization. Cars, planes, and yachts rent
· individual financial planning
· insurance services (real estate, cars, planes, yachts etc.)
· test of functional performance, shape a plan of attainment an optimal athletic form and training and nutrition recommendations
· security services
· medical treatment arrangement with best Russian and abroad specialists
· strategizing of players marketing and form dignified sport reputation

Our vast life experience, affinity for hockey and ability to quickly orientate ourselves in the sphere of sport business will make of you a sought-after and expensive professional.

WINNERS hockey agency invites players and trainers for mutually beneficial cooperation.


    Timur Bilyalov
    Mikhail Bitsadze
    Igor Bobkov
    Vladimir Bobylyov
    Sergei Boikov
    Artyom Borodkin
    Ivan Bocharov
    Stanislav Bocharov
    Yegor Bryzgalov
    Alexander Bryntsev
    Vladimir Bryukvin
    Yegor Bryutov
    Nikita Bryutov
    Alexander Burmistrov
    Georgi Busarov
    Alexei Byvaltsev
    Artyom Valeyev
    Zakhar Vinogradov
    Ivan Vishnevsky
    Artyom Volkov