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WINNERS hockey agency

WINNERS hockey agency is a dynamic company competent in everything that relates to professional hockey. We provide world level services for highly qualified training of hockey players. If you don't imagine your life without real hockey, you are an experienced or a beginner player and want to make a successful career taking a favourite sport, our hockey agency is just what you need!

Having addressed to us, you will obtain a lot of undeniable advantages the main of which will be as follows:

  • unique experience of our agents working exceptionally for you and battling only for your interests;
  • rendering the wide range of services including professional legal support to hockey players, providing by Legal Axiom CJSC, center of legal support of business;
  • professional development guarantee for our clients;
  • competence in competitive sports management.

Our vast life experience, affinity for hockey and ability to quickly orientate ourselves in the sphere of sport business will make of you a sought-after and expensive professional.

WINNERS hockey agency invites players and trainers for mutually beneficial cooperation.


Services of WINNERS hockey agency

Our company has a valuable experience in rendering exclusive sport services. The main objective of the WINNERS project is professional and personal development of every client having addressed to our agency.

We provide the following services:

  • conduct of negotiations as to your employment and conclusion of a contract beneficial for you taking into account all financial nuances as well as opportunities of your professional career development;
  • development of an optimal strategy of your image promotion and formation of worth sporting reputation by means of mass media. We will create your personal website having ensured informative promotion and support.
  • We will ensure protection of your investments. Our employees will help you to develop an efficient strategy relating to any financial question and aiming at positive results. Moreover, we develop financial strategy taking into account all tax regulations in order to minimize your financial losses. Our company's specialists will take upon themselves your tax reports having released you from excessive paper chase.
  • We guarantee you provision of highly qualified legal support by battling in court for carrying out all contractual obligations from the part of employer in case of non-observance.
  • We will provide universal insurance taking into account all possible accidents of playing or living nature which may result in temporary suspension of your professional activity.
  • We will help you to competently dispose of your property, buy new property on more profitable conditions as well as arrange property deals taking into account your preferences.
  • We will grant you credit for a required sum of money in reliable banks on the most profitable programs and make out all necessary documentation.
  • We will claim visas providing you with good accommodation.
  • We will assist in maintenance of harmonious relations between your family and sports. We hold consultations with professional psychologists who help to establish good relations with family.


So, clients of our agency work under conditions the most favourable for their career development having an opportunity to concentrate on the favourite game and their achievements in this sport.


Winners players

WINNERS hockey agency specializes in training of high-class hockey players. The most of our players are active young people fond of this sport since early childhood. As a rule children hockey and youth team are the first stages on the way to significant achievements in adult hockey, in the team of experienced players.

  • Sporting endurance
  • Firmness of purpose
  • Ability to team playing

these are qualities inherent in the youth. That is why it is so important to develop children and youth hockey and our agency successfully implements this task, realizing that real professionals come out exactly from such organizations.

The main criterion for us in selection of young players is a strong desire of a sportsman to play and win, work hard in order to become a highly qualified experienced professional who would be eagerly accepted in any national hockey team. Only great every day work and a strong will to win will give an opportunity for hockey players to enter the best hockey teams of the world, score big successes and serve as a model for many.

For our part we promise to provide:

  • Whole support to our players in all questions relating to successful career in sports.
  • Comfortable conditions for taking any sport.
  • Experienced coaches of the highest qualification.


Phone:+7 (968) 865-8761

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